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Hi! I'm Jessica, a serious fashionista.

About Me

'Dare to dream but don't forget to dare to accomplish'

Since you have landed on my page right now, something tells me that you are full of creative spirit, intrigued about the inspiring world of couture design, and full of fantastic ideas.


This blog is for the people who gaze longingly into a shop window or their phones at red carpet worthy dresses they wish they could wear or create, and to those curious at how they are delicately pieced together into bejeweled sparkling Garments-I am without a doubt one of these people. Maybe you are looking for guidance as to what to starting your own blog, curious to start a new hobby with embroidery or fashion illustration, or just want to know a bit more about the world of couture fashion! Welcome, and I hope we can learn something new together. If you want to receive exclusive content and my top advice for starting your own blog, just join my mailing list below! 


I’ve created this blog to share my journey into becoming an aspiring young designer, through my own projects before heading to University in September 2019. I’m taking this year out to learn about myself as an artist and gain a better understanding of the couture world I want to be apart of.

I have a love for the tiny details and take pride in the time and effort I put into a piece, which is where my love for embroidery comes from. The drive I have to constantly improve on the skills and techniques needed to make it in the fashion world are what  have landed me where I am today, and creating this site for my readers is my next step in accomplishing my couture dream.

So welcome and thank you for taking an interest in my work! Why not check out the rest of my sight and don't forget to sign up below to get Emails from me! See you soon,

                               Meg Fletcher